News 17.01.20

After successfully conniving millions of people out of their own personal info for the construction of digital voodoo dolls so as to wield control over their physical beings, Mark “my eyes are always bloodshot due to the crazy amounts of pills I fist down my throat every hour of the day” Zuckerberg has one-upped himself. By preemptively suing hundreds of people in case any of them might be bothered by his stealing their land. From the article:

In 2014, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg spent $100 million on 700 acres of beachfront land on Kauai’s North Shore to create a secluded sanctuary for his family. Now, he’s trying to ensure that privacy by suing families who might stake some claim to that land.

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reports that Zuckerberg is filing lawsuits against a few hundred people – many living and some dead – who inherited or once owned “kuleana lands,” which are lands passed down to the heirs of the first landowner without a will or a deed.

Think of Facebook as a containment spell, like a pentagram drawn on the floor of your babysitter’s garage. Only, instead of summoners containing a demon, the demon is containing the summoners. And the demon is now claiming all of the worldly possessions of those helplessly entrapped. As I have written about before, private property in the United States is a myth. If the government wishes to build a highway through your home you cannot hope to challenge the decision, or even hope to score anything to cover the loss. Or in this case, if the government wishes to sell your land right out from under you, there is nothing you can do about it. But as long as it remains in your name you damn well better continue paying property taxes though, or else.

Republicans in Congress have just quietly conducted a repeat of that time Sarah Palin sold the Alaska governor’s official plane, which was state property, and pocketed all the money. They are set to give away 640 million acres of national land to the lowest bidders in an “everything must go” sale to end all everything must go sales. From the article:

In a single line of changes to the rules for the House of Representatives, Republicans have overwritten the value of federal lands, easing the path to disposing of federal property even if doing so loses money for the government and provides no demonstrable compensation to American citizens.

As private property truly is a myth, then property truly is theft. You own nothing, only yourself. And suicide being a felony means that you do not truly own that either.

For those who consider fucking androids because of sanitation.

Barbara Ehrenreich reports on how impossibly expensive it is to be poor in the United States. Who can honestly afford alcoholism? As I write this my jalopy has finally died of old age. I had bought it used 3 years ago with the understanding it may not last 2 months. It was my backup home, because I am not a good person. Lamont Lilly reports on how poverty has technically become criminalized in America today. Arguably in ways far more oppressive than back when debtors prisons were more public. Police never shoot rich people, even though nobody has robbed more than have all the bankers of Wall Street.

Filthy rich Arron Banks is launching a new portal for online news, hoping to offer the world a British version of the conservative Drudge Report and the confederate Breitbart News. The most obvious problem is that the website is roundly billing itself as anti-establishment, yet if any multi-millionaires are involved then by every definition is it indeed of the establishment. The same bullshit mentality that refers to Trump as a populist. Populism and Capitalism do not compliment one another. That video of the two hooking up was staged by impersonators for an art project swear to god.

News 17.01.19

Tucker Carlson has performed a delightful take-down of the fictitious Demand Protest group, proving that their mission of not only paying freelance protesters but paying them exorbitant amounts is a complete fabrication. The air from so many voices in commercial media insisting that nobody could possibly have a valid reason to protest anything in America unless paid to do so is twisted. Contrary to documented reality, mainstream mouthpieces such as Ann Coulter are still adamant that efforts such as Demand Protest are legit. Without an iota of evidence people believe that elements of the Russian government played any role whatsoever in the 2016 Presidential election, yet also hold the contradictory belief that a ton of evidence disproving freelance protesters should be dropped.

Like there is no way for the election process to run other than clockwork unless pesky foreigners have illegally interfered, and there is nothing about America its citizens would protest against unless bribed to do so. Nay-sayers are either enemy combatants or hired shills. Accepting evidence in one matter for the sake of defending the government while ignoring a lack of evidence in another matter for the sake of defending the government. Using conflicting examples to push this core narrative of a flawlessly well-intentioned governmental elect screams out zero accountability from both the federal government and mainstream media. These people are ridiculous.

Jessica Huseman and Rob Weychert have gathered a nifty list of Trump’s various cabinet picks, with usefully sensible bullet points to suggest who is likely taking which pharmaceuticals for what mental illness. Like digital trading cards, gotta catch ’em all!

The big news obviously is that Chelsea Manning has surprisingly had her prison sentence commuted by the outgoing MIC spokes-model, Obama. There’s stats floating around saying that Obama has now commuted and/or pardoned more persons than did the last eleven Presidents combined, which by no means excuses the fact he has terrorized more whistle-blowers than all previous Presidents combined. He’s like the golem of Jewish mythology except instead of being constructed from clay, he comes from Teflon. He should seriously replace Manning in that cell.

Adam Johnson has written a great article discussing how little attention mainstream media has given to Manning’s struggles. “Because people who catch the government doing illegal things should be the ones incriminated” said the types of people who put razors in Halloween candy. And the United Nations is playing the part of Johnny-come-lately and requesting for “all” nations to stop persecuting whistle-blowers. It is adorable whenever the United Nations tries to sound like a grown-up. But while public figures would generally throw each other under a bus in a New York minute, Julian Assange is willing to further risk his own freedom on behalf of Manning. Should government workers be reading, this is how you spell accountability.

And strictly because persons such as Assange and Manning cannot help themselves but to share verified knowledge of the dangers that come from governments that look down on accountability and transparency, the machinery that is mainstream media is going into hyper-drive to push the official folklore of a trustworthy system all the more, to the point of blatant falsehoods and bullying. Reality falls victim to contortionists. But not in the way that “building character” is technically a perfect, literal synonym for “heaving bosom”.

News 17.01.18

Udo Ulfkotte, whose 2014 book Bought Journalists discussed the scale of CIA influence over German media and resulted in the loss of his job as editor of Germany’s largest newspaper, has been found dead of an apparent heart attack. From the article:

“This is a point of no return, and I am going to stand up and say it is not right what I have done in the past, to manipulate people, to make propaganda against Russia, and it is not right what my colleagues do, and have done in the past, because they are bribed to betray the people not only in Germany, all over Europe. I am very fearful of a new war in Europe, and I don’t like to have this situation again, because war is never coming from itself, there is always people who push for war, and this is not only politicians, it is journalists too. We have betrayed our readers, just to push for war. I don’t want this anymore; I’m fed up with this propaganda. We live in a banana republic, and not in a democratic country where we have press freedom.”

Which brought to mind this:

A British military contractor is designing a directed energy laser system that would transform the very atmosphere into a massive surveillance system. On the off chance that a morsel of data somewhere or other might be escaping the existing butterfly nets. But this one carries an inside joke because to go underground one would indeed need to actually go underground. Related but unrelated, there’s a new documentary about just that, Big Data creating a planetary nervous system, a notion which presents yet another epistemological failure insofar as Powers That Be not seeing the forest for the trees. The uniformity that comes of lumping people together denies the grandest values this life might ever offer. We can choose to be stereotypes, but we cannot choose to be archetypes. Thus is individuality the greatest resource humanity can ever know.

Enforced inter-connectivity is a denial of any individual’s capabilities. Where it involves surveillance, it means that efforts toward misguidedly sweeping up everything enables actual trouble-makers to more easily get lost in the shuffle. In schools, grading on a curve is wrong for comparable reasons. A thousand people blogging about the same derivative, mass-produced and mass-marketed comic book means a thousand people not blogging about something genuinely interesting published by a substantially smaller publisher. The general public has never been given a real reason to believe the federal government regarding anything under the sun, yet anybody who questions said government is questioned by the general public in turn.

Scientists are again confirming that humans are undeniably made of stardust. From that article:

A team of astronomers from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey in New Mexico enlisted the Apache Point Observatory Galactic Evolution Experiment (APOGEE) which uses infrared wavelengths to see through the galaxy’s dust and analyze the composition of 150,000 stars across the Milky Way.

With that data, the group then cataloged the abundance of ‘CHNOPS’ (carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorous and sulfur) elements in each of the stars, which they say represent the “building blocks” of the world around us, and found humans and their galaxy have about 97 percent of the same kind of atoms.

By conforming to anything under the stars we only affirm this. By allowing ourselves to be herded livestock waiting in lines for this or for that we only affirm this. By going with the proverbial flow we only affirm this. Irregardless, every last one of us possesses in theory the will to decide precisely where our respective specks of dust might float in the aether. With the exception of course being the people from Louisville, who are never better than inbred trash with everything they believe in or hold dear generic rubbish. Having no redeeming qualities the people in that city are not really people but the most noticeable of sexually-transmitted diseases that have somehow gained sentience. The world fearfully understands Americans are the dumbest people on the planet, but Louisvillians break the scale without any exertion. The absolute worst employers and co-workers, the worst landlords and neighbors, nothing but duplicitous friendships and the most broken relationships that I have ever experienced all struck during my unfortunate years in that community. If the surveillance state would like to spy on those people, the lowest of the low, it could save itself the trouble and shove its head down a loaded toilet for days and days of repeated flushings while a line of strangers continuously urinate all over its gourd. The spies would walk away with the basic idea of what Louisville offers the world while still retaining at least some dignity. I single that place out because its locals may as well be specks of dust in the greater scheme of things. Abiding in Kentucky while avoiding that city at all costs is herculean. The fact that national platforms never acknowledge how much of a blight this is only validates the conviction that Americans are relentlessly ignorant.

Incessant reminders that consciousness is a rarity. The saddest fact of our plight is in how humans perceive themselves to be more important than specks of dust without actually being more important than specks of dust. Self-perception matters the most, but with no self-awareness what good comes of it? I keep a blog so I obviously know.

News 17.01.17

Mark Johanson writes a piece so full of shit you might need to wipe off your desktop with some of those Taco Bell napkins over there. Observing that workers in Japan and the United States (by pure coincidence the nations farthest in debt) are increasingly working themselves to death, Johanson jumps to a conclusion provided by a group called Project: Time Off, which pushes the idea that if people would just work less then they would magically become more productive and thus meet with pay raises, enabling them to not have to work such demanding schedules ever again.

The obvious problem with this concept is that it completely neglects how people slave away the bulk of their lives in the madly futile struggle for survival, not because they want to. It ignorantly presumes that most employers would ever reward their employees fairly for duties performed. Employers that feel entitled to pay unfairly are generally why so many people work so many hours. This idea that wealth is attainable for all if they would only roll up their sleeves and show some gumption is a pipe-dream with no evidence to support it in the history of Capitalism. The only way to rise above the unwashed masses is to lie, cheat and steal, not by being extra productive for whoever signs your paycheck. We live in an era where money and power are interchangeable terms. There may well be enough for all, but those who currently have it all are unwilling to share. Looters never share. I have never in my life known an honest employer. There’s no profit in honesty. Or in truth, or in justice.

Since power corrupts, then so too does money. And for some to have money then others must be deprived of it. Equally, for some to have power then others must be deprived, especially in terms of power over their own lives. Why not instead ask the employers to do all of the work themselves, and then the world can see how productive they truly are, these captains of industry.

The British Parliament, through its Commons Culture Committee, is gearing up to chastise heads of Facebook, Google and Twitter, over not doing enough to promote censorship for safeguarding the balance of money and power. Examples in honesty, truth and justice from private citizens which might not align with official narratives are taken as a threat by the people who do not care to share what they’ve looted. Parliament is using the terminology of fake news here, but the only effective fake news has always been manufactured from quote unquote proper channels. This is about dissenting opinions a thousandfold and nothing else.

The German government is even gathering plans for outright punishing social media companies that do not assist in censoring the public effectively enough. Instead of working jobs to make money for corporations who profit far more than what they pay out, the millions of people using the “services” provided by Facebook, Google and Twitter are enriching these corporations without so much as a hint of financial compensation, thus proving themselves to be the dumbest and more malleable of the species already. In which case all of this seems like overkill, simply to maintain the balance by those who have money and power for who is permitted to own money and power.

Because wanting corporations to refrain from poisoning public water reserves is itself illegal.

Republican lawmakers in North Dakota are proposing new bills to further punish protesters of the Dakota Access Pipeline project, up to and including an exemption for drivers from liability should they commit vehicular manslaughter against pedestrians obstructing traffic on public roads. To maintain the balance by those who have money and power for who is permitted to own money and power.

An aviation operations specialist stationed at Fort Hood in Texas has been found dead. While the army is releasing no information about the exact circumstances of his death, what is known is that his was apparently the twelfth death at Fort Hood in the last two months. Perhaps they were all death by guilty conscience, over enlisting to service the balance of who is permitted to own money and power by those who have money and power, pillaging so that the wealthiest can add whatever remains of the world to their private coffers. No matter the nationality soldiers are spineless tools, eager to allow others to do their thinking for them. Their willingness to kill strangers is psychopathic, and they are only honestly missed by sadists.

The anti-poverty organization called Oxfam is announcing that just 8 men together own more than does the poorest half of the entire global population combined. But the noticeable lack of Koch brothers or Saudi royalty or Chinese billionaires on the list makes me wonder at the possible political motivations behind its curation, as though it may hold an ulterior motive of serving as a victorious scorecard for Neoliberal pathology. Maybe the richest are not transparent enough for their identities to be publicly known, protecting them from accountability for their sins all the more.

All the devils in the world cannot save them though.

Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel, weary of having to financially reward politicians for deregulating his business interests, is considering a run for California governor himself. For those many poor souls worried over billionaires not being represented enough in state or federal governments. Thiel believes himself to be the shit, whereas in actuality he is merely a piece of shit.

News 17.01.16

After 146 years of chills and thrills, the famous Ringling Bros circus will be closing down, with the final performance scheduled for May. Reasons cited include high operating costs, declining attendance, poor attention spans and changing public tastes. Which would suggest that of the fewer and fewer audiences that would turn out, more and more could not look away from their phones. I saw their show at least 3 or 4 times as a kid in Texas, and enjoyed the experiences considerably, especially watching the carnies lead the animals from the train station across town to whatever arena. As with parades, I imagine they could just not compete with the internet, which is a shame as we will not have these distractions forever. As PT Barnum himself once said, “Ruin is the only thing you win in this kind of ridiculous game of wanting to impress people and have them talk about you.”

Cat vids over this are you drunk?

Attention spans everywhere are becoming so short that Adam Silver, commissioner of the NBA, is electing to shorten broadcasts of their games. Said Silver, “Obviously people, particularly millennials, have increasingly short attention spans, so it’s something as a business we need to pay attention to.” Or you know, you could just stop catering to it and help to improve the condition towards a populace that can someday focus on anything for longer than a smoke break.

Mia De Graaf pushes a report released from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, making bogus claims that marijuana causes schizophrenia and heart attacks. The report also argues against using cannabis to treat cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, Parkinson’s disease, or even helping people to beat addictions. All of which contradicts decades of valid research conducted by agencies that do not endorse genetically-modified foods from chemical companies which also just happen to produce pharmaceuticals competing with marijuana. Even RT News is getting in on this propagandist bandwagon, albeit watered down somewhat, but this means that if RT are basically Russian propagandists then the DailyMail must be as well, simply for agreeing on talking points. That’s how this works now, right?

And Larry Flynt, founder of Hustler magazine, has taken out an ad in Variety to rightfully lambast the media in general. Good on him.