News 16.09.30

Brandon Showalter writes on theologians evidently arguing over whether or not globalism is the work of Satan. This is like attacking Obama for being born in Kenya or secretly harboring a Muslim faith. There are real things to fret over short of jumping at imaginary shadows. Globalism is a bane due to the centralization of power inevitably sinking the ship. Man was not meant to be ruled or to rule over others. Every system that denies that is self-destructive.

Shaun Bradley writes a sharp piece that considers how the United States government is transforming the entire nation into a debtors prison. The indentured servitude is undeniable, but the notion that any individual actually owes a share on the national debt is ludicrous.

Alice Salles covers the recent chat held by U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch with Kentucky high school students, where Lynch casually posits how her own department’s research proves marijuana cannot honestly be labeled as a gateway drug. Lynch sees more reason to blame the pharmaceutical prescriptions within any family’s medicine cabinet as guiding more persons into opioid and narcotic addiction. Also holy cow water is wet. But this is a big turnaround contrasted to her stances from just earlier last year. Words are but wind though, to paraphrase Samuel Butler.

Naomi Karavani gives a quick look into how lobby groups work with policy makers to keep marijuana illegal, while at the same time promoting drugs they know for a fact have nothing but adverse effects, if they have any effect at all. The corruption and hypocrisy are maddening, to say nothing of the countless lives hurt or lost over the widescale negligence and greed.

Claire Bernish reports on some new legislation introduced in New Jersey that would not only legalize marijuana as a taxable commodity, but would go a giant leap for mankind further and expunge records for individuals previously convicted of certain marijuana-related crimes.

But while marijuana is treated like Satan’s semen, according to an analysis of federal water samples unsafe levels of the carcinogenic chemical chromium-6 were found in the drinking water supplies of approximately 218 million Americans. Actual poisons are already commonplace, either accepted for their profitability (casualties be damned) or chalked up as a necessary byproduct of modern progress (casualties be damned).

Jumping at imagined evils is always so much sexier for anybody preferring to hide from the things casting the real shadows.

News 16.09.29

Earlier this week President Obama vetoed the 9/11 Victims Lawsuit Bill, in what was one of the more copiously sketchy decisions of his administration. Earlier yesterday, the Senate overrode his veto in an exciting 97-1 vote. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid was the lone holdout, symbolically denoting how his welcome in DC has been worn the fuck out, though undoubtedly he will go on to slide into a comfortable consulting gig with Raytheon or Citigroup. Maybe Taco Bell.

And while this is by no definition a partisan issue, the editorial boards of the state-run media outlets comprising the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post and the New York Post have shamelessly all asserted that the families of 9/11 victims are wrong and Obama is right.

Interestingly, two Senators abstained from voting altogether, with no immediate excuses provided. Tim Kaine was obvious, in that he is Hillary Clinton’s running mate for Presidency, and there is no reason to believe that Clinton will diverge from Obama’s policies. At least not where regards relations to Saudi Arabia, the designated middle management for America’s empiric obsessions in the Middle East. For that matter, neither will Donald Trump, who has indebted himself to Saudi royals personally.

Fallen angel Bernie Sanders is another matter. His choice to not vote either way on the bill backs up my theory that following this election he will be named as the new chair of the Democratic National Committee. There can be no doubt that he sees one more indignity cast upon the 9/11 victims as a necessary sacrifice towards his gaining the means to better influence and restructure Democratic policy in coming years. This was the trade-off for throwing in the towel on his own campaign. And thus is he a reprehensible tool.

In other news, the Associated Press is releasing results from its own investigation into unauthorized access of law enforcement databases by police officers, finding egregious abuses including stalking, harassment, and selling of personal information. In a hilarious bit of coincidence, or maybe as a big “fuck you” to the Associated Press, the FBI and the Bureau of Justice Statistics are partnering to award $24.2 million to domestic law enforcement agencies to further develop infrastructure for the national crime database. This, as reports grow of police confiscating without warrant the cell-phones of any possible witnesses, and physically obstructing their own dashboard cameras.

Call me crazy but it’s almost as though authoritarians across the board feel entitled to misuse their powers for engaging in criminality unfettered. Somebody should really do something about it.

News 16.09.28

Evidently a rare black moon is due for this coming Friday, heralding the latest end of the world. And not one moment too soon.

Not the moon we know, but its twin whose memory was stricken from the collective unconscious when destroyed in 1937 to spare us from the thing which must not be named.

Not the moon we know, but its twin whose memory was stricken from the collective unconscious when destroyed in 1937 to spare us from the thing which must not be named.

Far more reliable than the end of the world is the cold, hard fact of police abuse. As such, the Cato Institute’s National Police Misconduct Reporting Project lists 10 incidents for September 23, and 15 incidents for September 26.

A new survey from Pew Research published days ago confirms that the majority of Trump voters are voting for him simply because he is not Clinton, and the majority of Clinton voters are voting for her simply because she is not Trump. This is frankly the full extent of political acumen among American voters. Neither Clinton or Trump is a threat to the status quo, rather they are the sound of the status quo laughing publicly at the pure ignorance of the American people. These remorseless streams of shock value bravado do not a platform make. Problems go unsolved, reckonings unrecognized.

And cinema has reached its regrettably beauteous apex. The world’s poets have long gone. We shall be wise to follow their trail of crumbs into the abyss.

News 16.09.27

New research from Michigan State University is asserting that roller-coasters are good for what ails you, and in fact can knock the stones right out of you. So just flash your Medicaid card at whatever theme-park and you’re good to go.

Contrary to its proliferation of roller-coasters however, a decade-long study of health standards set by the United Nations seems to suggest that the United States is not the greatest country in the world. It’s not even in the top two dozen. First in ego though.

When corporations such as Amazon feel entitled to censor hundreds of reviews to paint Democratic nominee for President Hillary Clinton’s new ghost-written book as being better than it is, without fear of legal ramifications, then America is not so great. And when American-based corporations like Facebook fold to the totalitarian whims of foreign governments in censoring journalists focusing on oppression and genocide committed by said foreign governments, then America is not at all great.

Even the native mainstream media sees nothing wrong with publishing blatantly racist propaganda, as the incomparable Rania Khalek expertly observes:

Americans inclined to gripe about the costs of unemployment insurance, the food stamps and WIC programs and of grants to keep women’s shelters open, should ask their elected representatives how many tens of millions of dollars their state gives annually to the Israeli military. Not investments or loans, but gifts because the welfare of a foreign military is of greater importance than traditional welfare programs domestically and there’s nothing remotely treasonous about that.

There was little partisan fuss over the decision to award 38 billion to Israel over the next ten years, yet nobody acknowledges how that is merely a special bonus package, in addition to the ongoing hundreds of millions frivolously not going to America’s homeless or hungry, but to warmongers.

And when at least two-thirds of all active U.S. corporations pay nothing in federal income taxes, openly creating destitution among the lower class, then America is the opposite of great. It deserves to be nuked into yesterday.

News 16.09.26

The Syrian civil war began in early 2011, with unrest and foreign-backed rebel forces masquerading as a popular insurgency calling for the ouster of the Democratically-elected President Bashar Assad, leading to an estimated 300,000 Syrians killed and millions more compelled to seek refuge beyond Syrian borders. The situation only intensifies.

Yet contrary to all official claims, intervening in the Syrian government was on the American agenda years before the Arab Spring. The establishment journalist Christiane Amanpour knew in 2005, and retired General Wesley Clark knew in 2001, that it was on the bucket list.

While Syria had certainly known oppressive regimes in the past, Assad, unlike leaders in the west such as Obama or Trudeau, has been faithful in trying to fulfill promises to his peoples. When the rest of the world balked at the idea that he was a threat to Syrian citizens, the United States gave the rebels access to chemical weapons banned under international law. And then blamed Assad for the death and destruction, as though he suddenly felt the need to burn the very people who elected him into power. It could be argued that this was when Russian forces truly entered the scene, to combat the threats posed by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and the Al-Nusra Front to the Syrian government. These groups generally known for terrorism predominately comprise the rebel forces actively vetted, trained, funded, armed and supported in Syria by America and its allies.

The United States has gone so blatantly overboard with openly defying international laws in the last dozen years especially, that Russia has been taking full advantage of the fact, milking it everywhere. Simply by having a foreign policy not foaming at the mouth insane (just cookie-cutter insane), Putin’s administration is offering a better alternative for foreign aid to the world stage, notably in Iran, Afghanistan, and Syria. So the global community is finding itself with torn allegiances, to the extent that NATO might well be broken up in coming years if not months, and with overtly more critical opinions being given to assorted United Nations policy in mainstream media the world over.

The oppression in Damascus which the United States is valiantly fighting to end.

The oppression in Damascus which the United States is valiantly fighting to end.

However, Russia has not evolved its tactics from the cold war. Should a nation-state hold desirable resources and be willing to play ball, then such an ally receives both material and military aid. If the government prefers to maintain full sovereignty, then it is overthrown, with leaders assassinated and a puppet regime installed. That was always how Russia and the United States both conducted their respective foreign policies for the past 50 years at least, and possibly on back to the post-WWII years. But it requires a lot of ongoing maintenance though, and a lot of resources invested, which rarely renders worthwhile the resources received or riches plundered. In the 1990s, when Zionist think-tanks in Washington DC merged with Neoconservative policy-makers, new guidelines were set forth for the United States to pursue. In lieu of battling the determined, popular uprisings opposed to puppet governments, Israel’s long history of guerilla warfare assured that such rebel forces could be manufactured, supported and endorsed instead, leaving it to the people of a region to challenge their own government.

And with tremendous fuel both literal and metaphorical afforded to the Military Industrial Complex and NGOs accordingly, even exponentially, at minimal cost. The concept of masking orchestrated regime changes as a people’s rebellion was the origination of modern Neoliberalism. I haven’t seen anyone else draw that exact conclusion, but I’m going for it. It’s false populism. And contrary to media hype, Neocons and Neolibs are now ultimately one and the same conduit.

Earlier this week, Russian state media reported that Israeli Mossad agents along with military officers from the United States, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and Turkey, were inadvertently killed in a strike by Russian forces in Syria. The United Nations Security Council promptly called an emergency meeting, where the British ambassador falsely accused Russia of committing war crimes through unprecedented military violence against civilians. Which is fundamentally what Israel, the United States, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and Turkey have been guilty of, through destabilizing the Syrian government by way of sanctioned terrorist groups for the last 5 years and counting. Fessing to the physical presence of their officers on Syrian soil would be self-incriminating, so they are projecting their own sins and lying about it, insanely mislabeling Russia’s defense of the Syrian people from terrorists as the war crime.

This is categorically obscene, and that is the situation in Syria. One side is defending an ally from foreign invasion, and the other is crazy in the biblical sense. Most Americans are led to believe that Syria is governed by Nazis who are being rightfully punished for invading others. Meanwhile, that brand of ignorance and nothing else has already cost over 300,000 Syrian lives.