News 16.10.28

The U.S. Air Force has had yet another retired “weather” satellite break up in orbit, signifying two things. Lockheed Martin blows at building things to last better than twenty years. And the top secret interstellar war with omni-dimensional invaders is heating up. I may be projecting on that second point but one must admit how much more interesting it would be compared to any mainstream media headlines. And truth is relentlessly stranger than fiction.

Persons in California who sound to be leading rather intriguing lives have discovered a new species of millipede, possessing 200 poison glands, 414 legs and FOUR PENISES. Because evolution boldly decided that three was just not cutting the mustard. No word yet on whether or not this new species originated from Earth.

Contrary to that the World Wildlife Fund, working in conjunction with long-term data compiled by the Zoological Society of London, is announcing that the global populations of mammals, birds and fish, amphibians and reptiles have diminished by almost sixty-percent since 1970.

Meanwhile, in the three months immediately following the controversial Brexit vote, studies indicate that the U.K. economy has actually grown by .05 percent. Intrinsically related:

Earlier this week, Gambia confirmed it would become the third African nation-state to depart from the International Criminal Court of the Hague, following the ICC’s indefensible track record for only charging Africans among the 39 indictments throughout its 16-year history.

Gannett Company Inc., guilty of doing as much damage to the newspaper industry as Clear Channel has to the radio industry, is reporting a $24.24 million loss for its third quarter earnings. Which is wonderful news unto itself. As I keep reminding folks, print media is not dying, only bad print media. And Gannett’s underpaid skeleton crews produce nothing else but homogeneously syndicated drivel. All the company does is buy up newspapers across the country, consistently running them into the ground. Vulture capitalists directly bleeding to death free press.

After its cheap whore makeup proved unsuccessful in attracting any potential buyers over recent weeks, the micro-blogging platform Twitter is trimming its perceived fat by cutting hundreds of jobs, a decision openly supported by lefty Twitter users judging by their continued usage of the site. Among the cuts will be the Vine video-looping toy, popular among millennial teenagers who think they have any original jokes worth sharing. But unfortunately, the cutting board may well also taste the blood of Periscope, which has genuinely proven to be a valuable resource for many indie journalists.

And that is probably the ultimate reason for the cuts to begin with.

News 16.10.27

In a sign hopefully representative of things to come, Republican Presidential candidate and part-time Merkin model Donald Trump’s star on the infamous Hollywood walk of fame has been trashed. This act is entirely justified in a society that credits celebrity status exclusively to non-heroic figures.

In a symbolically comparable story, the world’s tallest church steeple, located at the Ulm Minster in the German city of Ulm, is apparently eroding faster than naturally-provided due to constant streams of public urination focused upon its foundation walls. One would be hard-pressed to fathom a better modernization for the Tower of Babel fable.

And in a lie so blatant that it runs contrary to all manner of reason and logic, Ian Johnston drunkenly reports on new research suggesting that weight-lifting increases intelligence. There are so many jokes to be made from this my head is burdened by the weight of it all, let me tell you.

But in a pretty straight-forward example of the headache posed by most millennials, a 22-year old boy in Tennessee recently beat his mother unconscious with a hockey stick after she was unable to purchase fast food pablum for the incarnated peter pan. He should be made to choke on urine til he sees stars all around. At least the fictional kids from A Clockwork Orange had the sense enough to deny fashion, because let’s face it, that entire industry is pretty fucking pointless. Even more than running a blog amidst a monosyllabic culture.

News 16.10.26

The national debt of the United States will likely surpass 20 trillion dollars by the end of this year. As no other nation-state comes remotely close to owing so much, not even half as much, then America is technically the poorest nation on the planet. This is a fact.

The Federal Reserve was written into legal existence by non-legislators in 1913, but has undergone no audit in the many decades since. Until now. The Government Accounting Office has done just that, finding that in the years following the financial collapse of 2008 the Fed has given approximately 16 trillion dollars to assorted banking conglomerates and multinational corporations under the guise of “assistance”. What does this mean?

It means that combined with the 6 trillion dollars “lost” by the Pentagon last year, the national debt of the United States could well be double that which is publicly acknowledged. Probably more.

It means the language of economists is only a variation of the same gobbledygook tongue spoken by religious zealots, with no rhyme or reason, no pattern in the void to be found other than this singular flow of currencies.

It means that the Fed, the banks, and the Fortune 500 CEOs of the world have all colluded to leech every last red cent from the American economy. There is every reason in the world to believe that any news media indulging sponsors is ultimately complicit in this pyramid scheme to rule all pyramid schemes. Nobody gets off the hook, for the promise of pleasing their slave-masters.

In keeping with the origins of the Fed, passing of the impending trade treaties empowers corporate boards to reinterpret international laws to minimize accountability and maximize deregulation. If bankers writing laws themselves has proven problematic, the trade deals take it to the Nth degree. As proffered by the charters of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the Trade in Services Agreement, and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, with corroboration by the International Monetary Fund and gravely assisted by the American-led military industrial complex, they guarantee to finish the job internationally. Every government of the world signing on to any of the treaties has sold out its peoples.

The wealthiest of the world are successful only in terms of criminality.

This too is a fact.

News 16.10.25

Publisher Rob Imes has finally released the newest issue of the Ditkomania fanzine, and at long last is focusing on the philosophy of artist and storyteller Steve Ditko. This was prompted in part from the feedback of the last several letter columns, but had I known he was planning to go peace-fisticuffs here I would have submitted the essay I wrote for Ditko’s birthday last year, observing how the brand of Objectivism followed so passionately by Ditko is at definitive odds with the brand claimed to be known by Ayn Rand’s defenders and detractors alike.

A new study from University College London is confirming that the act of lying, for practitioners and their audience, holds an increasingly detrimental and numbing effect towards exhibitions of honesty. The more credence we afford to lies, the less importance truth maintains. Now obviously there exists similar arguments rightfully made concerning the desensitizing effects of violence, but rarely about the accumulative effects from lesser grievances and fallacies, at least outside of the illogical and nonsensical distractions comprising collegiate safe spaces. The more we pursue false equivalencies of individuality, the further genuine individuality exceeds our collective grasp.

I think this is just so monumental. And it explains the millions of dangerously ignorant adherents of the American political spectrum.

In another adverse example of inter-connectivity, an idiot reporter at the FT realizes that connected devices create millions of cyber-security weak spots. Unwanted control has never not been the whole flaming idea behind the internet of things. Just as moving any voting system to digital will open the floodgates for discrepancies to be easier and quicker to manifest. Life is categorically impossible. Any attempt at downplaying or denying that only results in additional complications and hardship. Whatever gets deemed easy is a con.

Former banker and corporate treasurer Satyajit Das has written a thoroughly retarded article for Market Watch, making the mindless proclamation that as technology takes over the economy the workers “will simply try to survive, rather than prosper“. As opposed to the actual real world around us, where contrary to the government’s self-fellating stats most workers are not even living paycheck to paycheck anymore. The only people who prosper are the ones who can afford to pillage foreign nation-states.

Nathan J. Robinson, writing for Current Affairs, believes that potential suicide casualties just need a few weeks of welfare and all their problems with the world will magically go away. A person not having to be a product of their environment does not mean that most people are capable of acknowledging their own prospective individuality, or of making any decision for their own betterment. And while money is certainly the root of all evil, this world is big enough for a wide variety of evils, even down to faux-journalists paid to voice counter-intuitive perspectives.

Like perpetuating the mythology that proper society allows everyone more power over their own lives than is actually the case. You want freedom, truth, or any of those other ideological classics, you must fight uphill every step of the way and anything suggesting otherwise is propaganda.

The numbers of offenses to be taken against the world are infinite, so the notion that a little more poisonous capital will cure all that ails is very much a sheltered and highly insulting outlook.

News 16.10.24

Scientists from the University of Coimbra in Portugal are concluding that one cup of coffee every day can help stave off blindness as well as a variety of other related and non-related eye problems. Which would explain how the 2 or 3 pots of coffee I go through daily allows me to see the evil in the hearts of mankind. Like with x-ray spectacles, if beauty rests in the eye of the beholder then my own windows to the soul see the lack thereof just as plain as day.

As such, the Cato Institute’s National Police Misconduct Reporting Projects is listing 9 incidents for October 19 and 9 incidents for October 20.

Jamiles Lartey reports on Jessica Jauch, who spent 96 days and nights in a Mississippi jail without bail or legal counsel, due to a “scheduling inconvenience“. She is now fighting to challenge a district court’s ruling that her incarceration did not violate her civil rights.

Nearly 10,000 past and present soldiers in the state of California are being ordered to repay their enlistment bonuses, with many cases dating back as long as ten years after the fact. While they were stupid for enlisting to begin with, this is undeserved madness, with the excuse given that they were all over-paid the rightful amount long ago and military accountants apparently took a decade to sort out the mathematical details. Because military accountants are also stupid. Only one branch of the American armed forces even requires a high school diploma for fuck’s sake.

Over in Italy, a Sicilian priest and a soldier, both working separately and in conjunction, are being prosecuted for evidently using exorcisms as a cover to molest and outright rape women and children in Palermo. The blind leading the blind. Also a compelling argument for castration as a form of legal punishment for certain crimes. Ideally performed with a plastic spork but I understand that times are tough and resources are scant so would be open to considering other options of course. But within reason I daresay as we are no savages. An eye for an eye nonetheless. (Nods head knowingly.)