News 16.08.26

The United States Air Force has announced a bizarre plan to bomb the very sky with ionized gas, purportedly to improve reception for radio waves. Which sounds like a horrible waste of money and in all likelihood a Conservative Republican agenda, as the highest-rated talk radio programs are all blatantly Neocon. Unless, the gambit is actually just a cover for harnessing stolen alien technology to attack omni-dimensional invading forces without worrying the public. Battleships from beyond with the capability to bend light-waves to render themselves invisible to both radar and the naked eye is much more believable than the Air Force’s sudden desire to guarantee Taylor Swift fans get a good signal. Even satellite radio has failed to satisfactorily ease the hunger pangs of the Capitalists.



At first Obama assured the public that his recent 400 million payout to Iran had nothing to do with hostages, then he completely reneged. Now we learn that the 400 million was actually only a portion of a total 1.7 billion settlement to Iran, and Obama’s administration is refusing to acknowledge what the additional 1.3 billion is for exactly, or why such an astronomical figure would be given to a nation currently subject to embargoes in the first place. Honestly, if he wanted to prank Netanyahu he could have just gone with plastic wrapping the toilet bowl. That’s a classic move, yet usually catches most people completely off guard because the secret is to lower the seat and lid over the wrap. People tend to do a half turn away while they raise the lid with one hand, so the divided attention assures that their urine, just like American arms sales, will not always find its desired receptacle.

The American government has moved almost 1.5 million guns into Iraq and Afghanistan since 9/11, but according to newly released data from an analysis by the Department of Defense, can actually only account for less than half of their whereabouts. Officially. Unofficially, the hardware went to every sizable terrorist group in the Middle East, as was always the intent. Because when ideological threats fail to materialize, American logic explicitly states to fill the void by heavily arming every psychopath in shouting distance.

Like how there are greater numbers of mentally ill in American prisons than in American hospitals. Radicalization over treatment. If America were any more backwards it would be sodomizing itself.

News 16.08.25

Researchers from the University of Kaiserslautern in Germany have been conducting the first major study since the 1960s to explore the relationship between LSD and language, concluding that LSD might make people more creative, and be a valid tool for treating cases of depression. Which only validates the earlier studies all over again.

Jill Stein, Green Party candidate for President, has written an op-ed in defense of Julian Assange and Wikileaks. While she has previously stated that as President she would not only pardon Edward Snowden but wisely offer him a place on her cabinet, the points expressed in her article here are even more considerate of reality. A key line:

“The economic and political elite have targeted Assange not because his hands are dirty, but because he’s given us a glimpse of how dirty their own hands are.”

Which is entirely true. Wikileaks faces increasing condemnation for revealing things that deserve no obfuscation, yet Facebook for example, is generally applauded for stealing information from each and every one of its millions of legally-retarded users. During the recent attempted break-in where Assange has been forced to hide from American threats, evidently the U.K. police took over two hours to respond, despite there being a station mere minutes away. And in spite of Assange being under constant surveillance, via tapped phone lines and hidden cameras, etc.

Spread truth in the world and you will be taken down just like Socrates, but perpetuate lies and you win riches and esteem, corporate sponsorship, endorsement deals, a TV series and a political career where the sky is the limit. Write your own ticket. Worldly success comes to people willing to screw over everyone around them, and the more successful a person, the greater the extent they have gone to screw over everyone they encounter. Lying, cheating and stealing. People allow themselves to be docile and complacent for the hollow promise of paradise, making victims for the devils of our world to be empowered by.

News 16.08.24

Strangely unaware of the resurrection of debtors prisons, the U.S. Justice Department has recently asserted before a Federal appeals court that poor people in fact cannot be held when they cannot themselves afford bail. I imagine that whatever intern was responsible was found dead in a hotel room and the Justice Department’s assertion overturned all before this post goes public, because (A) jails and prisons are all currently for-profit endeavors so the more the merrier, and (B) poor people in America today have less rights than stray dogs. At least stray dogs get put out of their misery.

Brawlers, bawlers and bastards.

Brawlers, bawlers and bastards.

The University of Chicago’s team of Crime Lab researchers are working with local police to establish a predictive data program, to determine when exactly a cop might be likely to engage in aggressive and inappropriate behavior. They could have saved a lot of time and resources and just bought one of those trick quarters with a head on both sides of the coin.

Sandra Park and Vania Leveille team up for a troubling article about a trend rising from New York to California, of police evicting people from their homes for calling the police. For my highbrow readers, this would be like your personal chef filing charges over your requesting that foie gras be served at Réveillon. The very thought!

Authorities in North Dakota have ordered for water tanks to be removed from the encampment of Standing Rock Sioux protesters fighting against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Even if the planned route did not include cutting through tribal lands, the pipeline would have seriously detrimental health effects on drinking water for potentially tens of thousands of people. But depriving oil companies of a potential profit is of greater concern in the eyes of the law, and freedom of assembly does not encompass the right to refrain from dying of thirst.

The Cato Institute evidently runs an entire website focused on police misconduct, exampled by this recent recap counting ten different incidents from around the country. I shall be linking to them more often in the foreseeable future. As I’ve written about before, even the Fraternal Order of Police insists that historically, police in the north were established for the singular purpose of collecting taxes, and police in the south were established for the singular purpose of recapturing runaway slaves. Eventually the two groups merged, and ultimately, the abuse of the poor remains their lone purpose in life. And for that they can honestly fuck right off. I’m not being cute or trying to sound tough. They can all fuck right off and die because making the world worse helps absolutely nobody, not even themselves.

News 16.08.23 (skidoo)

Nick Bernabe writes a lambasting piece on how corporate media is growing terrified over how some voices in the public at long last might be questioning the legitimacy of elections in this democracy or constitutional republic or whatever the fuck this mess is supposed to be. They seem to be blaming Donald Trump’s campaign, which ascribes far more influence to the man than he could or should ever rightfully deserve in his or any lifetime. One passage worth shouting from the rooftops:

“You see, according to the corporate media, the only reason Americans think their elections are rigged in one way or another is because Trump said so. It has nothing to do with the explosive DNC email leaks that showed the Democrats manipulated the corporate media in favor of Hillary Clinton. It has nothing to do with superdelegates who get to override the voters. It has nothing to do with the Republican establishment choosing to shut down Colorado’s primary, handing all the delegates to Ted Cruz. It has nothing to do with now-former DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz admitting the role of superdelegates is to fend off grassroots political challengers. It also must have nothing to do with an RNC committee member openly wondering why the Republican Party has primary elections to begin with since the party chooses the nominee anyway and not the voters. That makes sense, right?”

Not to say that most Americans are capable of logically putting these things together. The majority of Americans would in all seriousness write in their favorite cartoon character if they knew how to spell. Still, all of this evidence did not just magically appear from a vacuum, nor did the invasive corruption happen overnight.

Apparently the many historic monuments of Washington DC are being slowly covered by a creeping blackness. Which “experts” are saying is only a harmless bio-film, but in all likelihood is a physical manifestation of a deeply sinister, Eldritch even, and long-maintained daemonic hold. Obviously, the evil must be purged with fire.

U.S. political prisoner and journalist Barrett Brown has been scheduled for release on November 29 of this year, signifying that he is no longer viewed as a threat. He will still be expected to compensate the CIA’s repulsive kid sister Stratfor $800,000 for never-specified damages, though all he did was merely link to leaked data online spotlighting unethical actions which Stratfor has yet to face any penalty for because the business interests of the American government are the pinnacle of evil and everyone working for them regardless of function deserves the most violent possible end.

News 16.08.22

Siloe, a small publisher based in Spain, has achieved permission to faithfully mass produce 898 replicas of the infamously mysterious Voynich manuscript. Although carbon dating estimates that the book was created somewhere between 1404 and 1438, nobody knows its exact origins, and nobody has ever been able to crack the bizarre codex of the book. With so many copies soon to be in the hands of diverse scholars around the globe, the chance of someone finally proving able to break the coding is attractive. Unless its imagery of nude women and arcane plants is purposefully suggestive of the eternal rebirth represented by spring-time, so that the work was always subliminally meant for eventual widescale circulation but with the ulterior motive of quickening the end of times through the accursed truth of its blasphemous secrecy. Which of course is also acceptable.

Video footage taken somewhere on the grounds of the Large Hadron Collider facility in Geneva, Switzerland, appears to show a late-night occult ritual, ending with cloaked figures circling one of their own, and stabbing her. Dubbed a possible Satanic human sacrifice by commercial media, there have been no explanations yet to surface for the event. I was reminded of the work of early rocket engineer Jack Parsons, whose strange mix of magick and science played a key role in what would become the American space program but led to his own mysterious death.

In another example of what may as well have been a Satanic human sacrifice, what with the American government and all, just days ago an inquest into the death of John Jones, best known for being the main lawyer for Julian Assange, declared his passing to have not been a suicide. And by hilarious coincidence, early this very morning an intruder nearly succeeded in scaling a wall on the side of the Ecuadorian embassy in London where Assange has been forced to hide from America’s bloody vengeance for the last several years.