News 16.07.25

Despite the best efforts of commercial media and the larger online social networking sites to suppress the story, the DNC documents leaked by Wikileaks have resulted in the immediate removal of chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. This is a victory for anybody giving a rat’s arse for truth and justice, although a small one, as the thousands of incriminating emails in the leak pertain to far more than just her. Such as her interim successor Donna Brazile, as Wikileaks was quick to point out. To be fair though, neither Hillary, Debbie or the people around them are bright enough to have figured out how to break the system to this degree. It’s more like sloppy 23rds, so wide open they thought they were slick shits sliding through. Yet still the DNC has its defenders.

Last year, a JAMA Internal Medicine study looked at ten years of data from across all fifty states and found that opioid use declined noticeably in regions where marijuana was decriminalized. A more recent study confirms that conclusion. Yet still pharmaceutical companies are comfortably resolute with paying elected politicians tens of millions of dollars to write and enforce laws banning the safe and naturally-occurring medicine used for thousands of years with no recorded casualty in exchange for over-priced prescription poisons that kill each and every day. These pills are always rushed into the market without research conducted on how they might interact with other prescription drugs (and most people are certainly prescribed far more than just one), or what the long-term effects will be. Just make everyone broke buying drugs they do not want or need and that will probably make them sicker than before, and if they are really lucky they will also become addicted for life, or at least up to whenever the legal drugs finally kill them.

A Dallas cop is stepping out to say that black people in his area absolutely do get wrongfully arrested to fill quotas, and that most law enforcement officers actually are racist pieces of filth. Another cop, this one in Cincinnati, is even facing reprimanding for using his social media accounts to call for peace and urging black men to be careful around white cops. Yet still most citizens insist on seeing police departments as anything other than a standing army comprised of the largest criminal gang in this nation’s already colorful history.

The police union in Philadelphia has been highly critical following the announcement of a group of surviving relatives of victims of police shootings being scheduled to speak at the DNC next week. Contrary to how those speakers are considered terrorists by many law enforcement officials, mothers who have lost children to crimes perpetrated by illegal aliens held a press conference in front of Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s estate this weekend. If immigrants kill people it is a cause for war in the eyes of the political far-right and far-left alike, yet when cops kill people then obviously those people had it coming. Total hypocrisy.

News 16.07.24

Wikileaks has shared around 20,000 emails from the Democratic National Committee of the United States, and immediately both Facebook and Twitter are trying to block circulation of relative links. Some voices are disregarding the contents in favor of pinning the blame on Russian agents for the hack of the DNC (even of fabricating the emails themselves), yet others see shooting the messenger as more important than taking offense at the revelations. Making public evidence that Democrat leaders have broken multiple laws on multiple fronts does not mean that Wikileaks are supporting Republican leaders or are helping the Russian government to undermine American politics, as though American politics required assistance in undermining itself.

Deepest sympathies to hipsters offended by Wikileaks not sharing their specific political persuasions, but the whole fucking point of Wikileaks is to not share in any specific political persuasion. In politics there are no good guys versus bad guys, just selfish assholes trying to lay claim to the world, and every last one of them should be called out. Zionist allies of Democrat leaders were so dramatically offended by the Jewish atheist Bernie Sanders that they conspired to break laws in order to bend his followers to their will, even while Republican leaders share the same Zionist allies and while Sanders himself lied to his own supporters by ending his campaign and endorsing the front-runner anyway. Cheer them on when you share an enemy, but expecting them to turn a blind eye to your cause or any other is a double standard.

Wikileaks is even being attacked for not blacking out from the disclosures donor emails addresses, home addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, passport numbers, and credit card info. But this is precisely what government accountability and transparency are supposed to be, especially where regards campaign financing, and what most people aside from the greediest of Capitalists publicly claim to back. These people identified by Wikileaks are not innocent bystanders. They are using money to influence elections, so it is pure ignorance to show offense on their behalf. There is no rational way to defend people funding political campaigns as deserving of any secrecy rights. Checks and balances or fuck right off.

Looking forward to a time when the Butlerian Jihad becomes irrefutable, some senators are pushing for Navy personnel to relearn celestial navigation. This knowledge will prove incredibly useful when the entire North American power grid gets wiped out in coming months by the NSA acting under an Executive Order to permanently stop terrorists from posting on Facebook and Twitter.

And Yale University is apparently offering a free course on Death, available at its website. The class does not appear to dwell on any link between Yale’s Skull and Bones club and the many pirates who terrorized under the Jolly Roger emblem centuries earlier, even while pillaging booty remains the leading incentive for unnatural death around the world. But if we knowingly incriminate the wisdom of the ancients then in the interest of full disclosure and extreme poverty am I obligated to confide that olive oil and coconut oil really can help you more than any dentist would ever dream possible. After all, a fixed patient (or policy or point in space or gaze) means no repeat business, thus it is best to keep everybody broke.

News 16.07.23 (skidoo)

The mayor of Atlanta, Georgia is refusing to fold to concerned requests that his city’s police force no longer receive training from the Israeli military. Because while even the FBI has asserted that there is no evidence to support the claims of a war on the police, law enforcement still feels the need to learn how to kill from the same forces conducting genocide in the Gaza Strip, where the Israeli Air Force and Israeli Navy are laying unending waste to Palestinian families with no real Palestinian Air Force or Palestinian Navy to protect them.

For those who feel that the separation of Church and Industry is no less dire that the separation of Church and State, there’s this story about a convent of nuns in New York turning down membership to a young hopeful until she goes off and settles her college debt first. Without any suggestion of irony, the religious order is confirming that they believe economics are of more importance than their own theosophic heritage or dogma. This is why Pope Francis drinks so much, because the church uses greed to commit spiritual suicide and weaponizes politics to arrange its own physical murder.

And Facebook comes closer to covering the Earth with a fleet of drones granting free WiFi to the peoples of the world. Who can then construct digital effigies of themselves in the voodoo sense for Facebook to wield unholy power over. Like a binding spell traps a demon, but through online social networking platforms we bind ourselves.

News 16.07.22

Leo Hornak reports on how some participants in the Black Lives Matter movement are considering that a boycott of the Presidential election in November will send a message, a notion that is usually met with belittlement. But they are absolutely right. If everybody in the country were to refrain from voting, a candidate would still be elected and sworn in, because the Electoral College and the Super Delegates system and Bilderberg meetings of four years prior are what elect Presidents and not the public. Goons lower on the food chain still think that defrauding the system is necessary, whether it’s through bribery or gerrymandering or ignored hanging chads or signing up deceased voters or pushing insecure electronic voting platforms or outright hiding and destroying votes or whatever. But the truth is that no matter your beliefs your vote literally does not matter anyway. It affects the world as much as a penny in a wishing well. Why would control be given away for free, when positively nothing else in the world is?

As I’ve written about before, it really feels that the more peaceful a purpose, the more opposition it is met with. The world is honestly more anarchistic than we give it credit for, so why fool ourselves into believing that voting could help Black Lives Matter. If a group of anti-violence activists gather they are forcibly shut down within mere hours. But if a group of white Christian men take over a Federal facility and hold it hostage at gunpoint for weeks on end, they are allowed to have pizzas delivered. The veracity of systemic prejudice is unquestionable. Theresa May, the new British Prime Minister, has stated in no uncertain terms how she would have no qualms about dropping nukes on women and children pending the right circumstances. Western civilization gives people like this power, the ones trying to fuck everything up. Taking lives is rewarded more than saving them.

In apparent confirmation of that end, William N. Grigg reports on how police officers across the United States are issuing ominous threats of civil war against any opposing party daring to want peace and nobody seems to be freaking the fuck out over that.

Claire Bernish reports on an insane incident where three Georgia policemen repeatedly tasered an innocent, unarmed man, and then charged him for being the wrong guy. Matt Agoris reports on a Texas policeman who physically attacked a woman half his size merely for filming him; and of a boy defending the rights of another in Maryland and getting choked and pinned by policemen for doing so. Bernish also reports on a North Miami police union covering for one of its officer’s shooting of an unarmed and non-threatening caregiver in broad daylight, by saying that they were actually aiming for the caregiver’s autistic patient (who was also unarmed and non-threatening) and missed. If the caregiver was never viewed as the threat, then why was he handcuffed after getting shot? Are the police ultimately not just lying for Jesus? Why should the public concern themselves?

News 16.07.21

Travis, Demontae, Thomas and Alan are four teenage natives of Louisville, Kentucky, who months ago took it upon themselves to perform landscaping and lawn maintenance around their neighborhood. Working for the elderly, the disabled, and the disenfranchised, the boys have no qualms pulling long hours with weed-eaters and lawnmowers in the intense summertime heat. What makes them truly stand out though, is that the boys are working entirely for free.

Evidently their parents have been mindful of raising responsible members of the community, despite the obvious distractions and temptations of urban modern living, but the foursome are making their families proud through reaching out to those who cannot provide for their own. They are absolutely incredible, real American heroes and wise beyond their years. While they will accept donations, whether money or equipment, they have actually received more tools than they need and are hoping to share and appeal to others in the region to follow their lead.

Having lived in Louisville myself some years back, I can write from personal experience that the city is a verifiable hellmouth, hosed off once per year in the weeks leading up to the Derby horse-racing season so as to not scare away potential tourists and their precious gambling dollars. Despite neighborhoods paying the same taxes, those in the upscale subdivisions on the east end of town have their garbage picked up twice a week, those closer to the center in downtown and “Old Louisville” supposedly once per week but realistically only three times a month (guaranteed to miss a week without explanation), and those in the slums of the west end have their trash bins emptied maybe once per month. The city and county governments merged about a dozen years ago, but resources have never been allotted evenly by any rational standard. Many residents insanely spend much of their lives in their own small neighborhood of a few square blocks, rarely seeing what the rest of the city looks like, much less places beyond. The worst girlfriends, the worst employers and co-workers, the worst landlords and neighbors, the worst experiences of my life were all in Louisville. Only in retrospect have I understood that the locals feel so betrayed by their environment that they lash out at anything foreign to the familiar faces of their respective streets, from ideas to people, embittered at a world of possibility beyond their grasp financially and psychologically.

But these four young local heroes are doing an outstanding job in producing reasons to respect where they live, and doing what the local government fails miserably to accomplish. Unlike grown men twice or thrice their age, they are not in shallow pursuit of riches to be spent, but instead spending their time, energy and resources in themselves making the world around them that much better. They should be encouraged to continue this. If you would care to assist their efforts in maintaining supplies like costly gas and oil, or just thank them for taking on what most would never even remotely consider, there is a crowd-funding page setup on their behalf. They deserve it leagues more than the men and women of the RNC and the DNC who are busy only with piping out so much hot air instead of actually doing anything productive while stacking up on the campaign contributions all the same.